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Career Coaching

Career Consultants help clients with career decision-making and development, job hunting, and returning to work after a period. A career professional will work with you to develop a strategy to support you to move forward with confidence. Career professionals are skilled in counselling and coaching to help you make sense of your current situation, and consider how you might best use your strengths, interests and priorities to inform a course of action that is right for you. Career professionals have a sound knowledge of the labour market, requirements for effective job application and strategies to find and retain meaningful work. 


Benefits of Career Coaching include:
  • Learning critical skills required in today's work environment

  • Build confidence and define your value

  • Build a powerful resume

  • Make informed decisions about the evolution of your career

  • Set goals and build a roadmap to achieve your goals

  • Build Connections

  • Launch a career in a new field

  • Prepare for interviews offers further information about changing or developing a career with the help of a career consultant.


Contact the local providers below who can assist you with the next step:

Both provide recruitment assistance to Employers and Job Seekers

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