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Embrace Sustainability in Your Business

Sustainability is a power tool for businesses in Taupō. With a large number of SMEs making a significant contribution to the local economy, even minor sustainable practices can have a big impact. It's crucial for your businesses to actively participate in preserving the cleanliness and health of Taupō's environment and economy.


Learn more about the advantages of a sustainable business approach below.

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Get started 

Local Legends of Sustainability

Climate Action Toolkit 

Learn how to reduce emissions, measure your business's carbon footprint, and start your plan to cut emissions step by step.

Resource Wise
Businesses Program

Taupō District Council's Resource Wise Business Programme helps to reduce your business's landfill waste.

Find Support and Funding 

Embark on your sustainable business journey with support, whether you're starting or continuing your efforts.

Sustainability Certifications

Access a range of sustainability certifications to independently verify your business's commitment to sustainability. 

Our Sustainability Journey

We teamed up with the Taupō District Council and participated in their Resource Wise Business Programme.

By participating, we've taken a significant step by conducting a waste audit and now have a solid action plan to cut down on our landfill contributions.

If you're a business in the Taupō region ready to reduce waste and make a positive impact, get started today.

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