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Your Business, Your Family, Your Career, Your Lifestyle 

Seeking a change in job? Looking to start up a new business or relocate an existing one?

Maybe you're after a more balanced lifestyle for yourself and your family.


Welcome to the Taupo District.  Your place to thrive.


The Taupō District is filled to the brim with growth and opportunity for businesses and professionals along with offering incredible lifestyle benefits for you and your family!

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Your Business 

A growing number of businesses are moving to Taupō to make the most of our strong economy and central location. Located in the heart of the North Island, Taupō is the perfect place to build your business with easy access to the rest of New Zealand.

Your Career 

As the Taupō District continues to grow, so does the demand for skilled labour throughout the region. Careers in engineering, architecture, trades, professional services and retail are up for grabs and offer huge potential for growth. You’re sure to find the perfect opportunity in no time. 

Your Lifestyle

Once you’ve finished work for the day you can head out for a swim, a mountain bike ride, or a stroll along the waterfront. It’s all right at your doorstep! No more long commutes cutting into time that could be spent enjoying time with friends, family or the district’s natural wonders.


Let us share with you lots more information, tips and advice from now locals who have already made the move to give you more inspiration and guidance to make Taupo yours!

Finding their balance and calling Taupo home

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Start, Grow and Support for your Business

Amplify provides support to businesses and industries in the Taupō District.

Every business is different, so we offer a range of different programmes, services, training and support to suit.

We help all sizes of businesses, from startups and small firms to large companies.

Meet with our Relocation and Business Support Team

Discover more with a one on one meeting with Rick Keehan

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