Is your daily commute getting longer and you’re
spending less and less time with your family? Perhaps
you’re struggling to buy your first home or cover the
rent as house prices continue to climb? Maybe the fast
pace of life is wearing you down?

With a strong economy, low unemployment and a thriving business sector, the Taupō district is the perfect spot to grow your business and advance your career. It’s also a great place to achieve a balance of work and play. We’re located on the doorstep of nature’s ultimate playground. All that time you used to waste sitting in traffic could be spent biking, cycling, walking or taking a dip in the beautiful waters of Lake Taupō.

One of the many perks of basing your business here are the lower operating costs. Leases are more affordable than big city prices and commercial properties can be quickly developed into purpose-built facilities for most industries.  Skills such as engineering, architecture, trades, professional services and retail are in high demand. You’re sure to find the perfect opportunity in no time.

Your kids will love it here. Kilometres of walking and biking tracks surround the lake, and we have dozens of parks and reserves. Our fishing is world-class and winter skiing is just a short drive to the mountain.
Our house prices are affordable and the slower pace of life gives you time for the things that really matter.

How can we assist you to make the move?

Whether you're relocating your entire business to the district, expanding here or opening a new branch, or starting up from scratch - we can help!

Taupo Tiki Tour

Do you want to see what we have on offer?  We'd love to show you around. 
We can prepare a personalised itinerary that will show you everything you need to help you with your plans to relocate your business to the Taupo District.  We can introduce you to the people you need to meet - suppliers, potential customers, leasing agents... even school principals and the Mayor!  Our Tiki Tour promise is that you'll leave with all the info and contacts you need to make the move!

One on One Support

We will connect you with a dedicated Business Advisor.  (We have Advisors in Taupo, Turangi and Mangakino) They can help with any questions you may have about moving here, or just general advice with your business.  They can help introduce you to the people in the know, help with validation questions and give you all that inside knowledge about our district!


We will invite you to a number of the best networking events in the district that would suit your business type, 
introduce you to the movers and shakers and help build those initial relationships to get you established quickly.


B2B Relocation Vouchers

We have worked with some of our best local businesses to support you and help you get up and running quickly and easily.  

These generous locals are offering some initial support (in the form of vouchers) so they can show you what they can do and how your businesses could work together in the long term.  Check out our online 'Voucher Store' below to see what is available. 

(Conditions apply.  Once validated, you will receive a redemption code to select vouchers to a set value in the store)


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