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We have over 50 programs available to support your business journey

Business Mentors

Business mentors provide advice, support and a useful sounding board.

Capability Development Funding

Boost your business capability by connecting with experienced business coaches, training providers and enterprise programmes.

Callaghan Innovation R&D support

Connect with project grants, student grants and innovation programmes to help your enterprise grow.

Startup Validation

Our Startup Validation program offers a confidential, free, one-on-one consultation with our experienced Startup Advisor. You will have the chance to ask any business questions, ranging from planning to sales and marketing.

Amp It Up - Business Start-Up Programme 

If you have an innovative idea to take your business to the next level or a start-up that you want to work through the validation process, then Amp It Up, our 9-week workshop-based programme will help you connect, validate ideas and increase your business capability.


Business Events

Amplify, and our partners run a range of events throughout the year - Events

Business Training

Amplify and our partners run many training events throughout the year.  This includes business 101-style information events, leadership programs, sector-specific events, sustainability events and much more - 



Networking events
The Taupo business chamber and Town centre Taupo run the Taupo BA5 events, and we run other networking events. Turangi have a bimonthly BA5 hosted by Amplify

Raising Capital

Is your enterprise investment ready? Is investment the right pathway to help you get to the next level? Explore resources for business with our business discovery sessions

Business Coaches

We have a range of business coaches we can connect you with to help in all aspects of your business.   These coaches have years of experience in a variety of industries and have faced the challenges your facing now.

Accelerator Growth Program

We run a number of accelerator programs that have a combination of education/upskilling and goal setting.  These programs are great to help you keep on track and be held to account on your plans

And So Much More

We have so many resources available to refer you to it's best to book a discovery session with a business growth advisor. 

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