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Amplify is the agency for economic development in the Taupō district. Our role is to grow the economy of the Taupō district.

The Amplify team is comprised of Taupō locals with the experience and knowhow to effectively provide skills, resources and tools to businesses in the district. Our team has a shared passion to see the Taupō economy grow and flourish which starts with ensuring all businesses here have what they need to succeed. Whether it's a start up looking for a way to launch or a well established company in need of help, Amplify is the starting point for all business related needs. 


We also help to build relationships between businesses. Through hosting events and fostering beneficial connections we are able to help businesses build up a support network in Taupō.

Our Team


Special Projects Officer


Our Board

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Jo Bransgrove


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Sarah Williams

Board Member

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Sri Govindaraju

Board Member

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Marcel Manders

Deputy Chair

Bruce Bartley

Board Member

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Greg Stebbing

Board Member

Grant Jackson

Board Member


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