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Celebrating the Success of AMP IT UP!

Amplify recently embarked on an exciting journey to support and nurture the growth of 16 local, small businesses. Through our flagship program, Amp It Up, we created an 8-week course designed to equip entrepreneurs with the essential skills, knowledge, and connections needed to succeed. It was two months of hard work from our cohort, with everything wrapping up at Pitch Night, held on May 16th.

Our goal of Amp It Up was to host a course that would teach participants business fundamentals, how to validate their ideas, explore innovative strategies, and connect with a network of like-minded individuals. Each session was carefully designed to provide practical insights, real-world examples, and actionable steps to propel their businesses forward. A big thank you to Paul from Soda Inc for developing the coursebook and co-facilitating the program with Katherine Roberts, our Business Growth Advisor.

Pitch Night Success The highlight of Amp It Up was the highly anticipated Pitch Night, held on May 16th, as part of the Tech Week Taupo events. This event showcased the culmination of participants' hard work and dedication. Fifteen start-up businesses took the stage, delivering compelling pitches that highlighted their ideas and goals for the future. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as our panel of judges, including Catie Noble from Upward, Daniel Britten from Strettons and Rick Keehan, Amplify CEO, carefully evaluated each pitch based on viability, business model and capabilities.

Congratulations to our Winners!

Selecting the winners from the exceptional group of businesses, was undoubtedly a challenging task for our panel of judges. All the pitches were great, and we acknowledge everyone who got up on stage - it's not an easy feat! Ultimately, three outstanding businesses emerged as the winners. First place was awarded to Fleur Wolstenholme from Treat NZ, and Second and third places were awarded to Louise and Ben Toulmin from Nezui and Ashleigh Carlson from The Tanning Co. respectively.

The Impact of Amp It Up: Transforming Businesses and Building Connections

The success of Amp It Up extends far beyond the prize winners. Throughout the program, participants experienced significant transformations within their businesses. The newfound knowledge, insights, and connections gained through Amp It Up has propelled their growth and opened doors to exciting collaborations. The networking opportunities fostered during the program have led to valuable partnerships, enabling participants to expand their reach and maximize their impact within the community.

Looking Ahead: Amplify's Continued Commitment to Small Business Success

As Amp It Up comes to a close, Amplify remains committed to supporting the growth of Taupo's small businesses. We are proud of the achievements and progress made by all participants, and we look forward to watching their continued success. We hope to bring you Amp It Up in 2024, please keep an eye out for more information towards the end of 2023. We look forward to bringing together another group of motivated small businesses and continuing to drive economic growth in our community, and the continued growth and success of Taupo's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more insights and stories from our winners and cohort in the coming weeks!

Thanks again to the Amp It Up cohort, our judges Rick, Catie and Daniel, our facilitators Katherine and Paul, Soda Inc, Paige from Reach Media for her photography, and everyone who supported and attended the pitch night.


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