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Shaking up the Nine to Five

Renting an office space can be a large up-front cost for those starting out on a new business venture. Lease agreements often require a commitment of two years or more, and then there’s the cost of setting up a new internet connection, purchasing office furniture, installing signage and lighting, the list goes on.

In the past this has meant many small business owners opt to work from a home office. Although it can keep business costs down, some find working from home is an isolating experience. Kloud Collective owner and software developer John Curtis knew there had to be a better way. “When I moved to Taupō I began helping companies connect their systems and processes to the cloud. It’s now very common for businesses to use cloud services, but back in those days it was pretty ground-breaking.” John began to realise that cloud services were revolutionising workplaces –people could now easily access local and international markets from anywhere with an internet connection.

While attending a conference in Texas, Austin, John visited a co-working office space. “For a small payment I was given a desk, access to a great internet connection, and all the standard office extras like printers and meeting rooms. There was an incredible buzz of productivity and I shared ideas and knowledge with some really interesting people” says John. After returning to Taupō John decided to set up a co-working space in the CBD – Kloud Collective.

“There are co-working spaces all around New Zealand now” says John. “Places like Biz Dojo in Wellington and Auckland have really taken off and are used by entrepreneurs, business travellers, and start-ups.” John keeps things pretty relaxed at Kloud Collective, offering daily, weekly, part-time or monthly rates. “For me it’s all about flexibility. Why not enjoy a mid-week ski day up the mountain or pick up your kids from school? You shouldn’t have to work a nine to five Monday to Friday week if it doesn’t suit your lifestyle.”

John has some words of advice for those thinking about making the move to Taupō. “Just do what you need to do to make the move. It’s just so much more enjoyable to live in a place where your commute is short, the local schools are great, and you drive past world-class scenery every day. There are some really innovative businesses based in Taupō – there’s always something happening!”



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