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Moto mechanic gains traction in business

Moto SR’s Scotty Brooker knows a thing or two about motorbikes. The motorcycle

suspension specialist honed his craft while travelling the world as a race mechanic. He

worked for riding greats such as kiwi-born Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) star Paul

Whibley, Canadian motocross champion Colton Facciotti and UK off-road legend David


While he was overseas Scotty kept in touch with his good friend Richard Ebbet, working in

his Whakatane motorcycle store during trips back to New Zealand. After ten years on the

international racing scene Scotty was ready to return home. He started working full-time for

Richard, moving to Taupō after Richard relocated the business there in 2013. “We both

loved Taupō and had a number of friends in the area, so it was a great fit” says Scotty.

Sadly, Richard passed away in 2017. After his friend’s sudden death Scotty decided to take

over Moto SR. “Part of the reason I took over the business was out of respect for Richie. This

business meant a lot to him” says Scotty.

Since then, Scotty has focused on continuing to offer his professional level of service to

customers based throughout New Zealand. “We have great relationships with our

customers. Last week I rode 3,500km around the South Island, calling in to all the

motorcycle shops to have a cup and tea and a chat. We regularly have customers visiting us

on their bikes from Auckland or the South Island to say hello and get their suspension

checked. It’s pretty awesome” he says.

Moto SR continues to grow and Scotty now employs two staff members. He has also

expanded the business to include parts, tyres and accessories. Joey, his head mechanic, is

Honda UK trained and the team can do anything from fitting tyres to rebuilding entire


Although Scotty loves working with motorcycles, he says that managing a small business has

been a lot of work. “At the end of the day I’m a mechanic. Organising accounts and

managing paperwork isn’t my strength. Over the years I’ve realised the benefit of

outsourcing, business coaching and asking others for advice. Rick Keehan and the team at

Amplify (formerly Enterprise Great Lake Taupō) have been awesome and a great support.

There’s plenty of help out there if you ask for it” he says.



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