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COVID-19 - Workplace Wellbeing

This is a time of increased pressure and stress for all New Zealanders. We all have a role to play in reducing the spread of COVID-19, and that means we are being asked to make major changes in our lives. This is affecting how we work, how we relate, and what we can or can’t do.

We need to prioritise mental wellbeing so we can manage our lives as we move into the traffic light system.

Prioritising this helps us to make good decisions and manage additional stress.

These resources are designed to help you to promote a supportive environment for your employees throughout this trying time, and offer tips for looking after our mental health in times of uncertainty.

As a starting point, it’s good to think about the common causes of stress among employees:

  • Catching or spreading COVID-19

  • Concerns about how long the pandemic will last

  • Worries about finances, job security and feeding the whānau/family

  • Work and home and parenting stressors

  • Feelings around isolation and redefining connections to various communities, including work

  • Loss of extended supports

  • Fears around whether they can cope during this time

  • Concerns around workplace vaccination policies

  • Anxiety around returning to the workplace.

It’s good to assess the impact of COVID-19 on our mental health.

From there, the aim is to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors. For guidance and tips around how to do this, we take you through how you can talk about work and COVID-19 with staff; effectively communicate; reduce and minimise stress; and how to care for yourself and your employees who may or may not be distressed.



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