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Thriving Together: The Impacts of the Taupo Supercars Event

The 2024 Taupo Supercars event has proven to be a transformative occasion for the local community, businesses, and the broader district. A survey conducted among local businesses reveals a dynamic mix of feedback, celebrating the event's significant positive outcomes and highlighting opportunities for enhancement and continued growth of the event in the future.

The overwhelming sentiment from survey respondents celebrated the event's impact on the community. An impressive 85.8% of businesses rated the event's influence on the district and community as positive to outstanding. This indicates that the Taupo Supercars event successfully fostered a sense of unity and excitement, drawing diverse crowds to the region and boosting local visibility. Highlights such as the 'Track to Town' event on Thursday afternoon were particularly praised, underscoring the event's ability to create shared experiences and community engagement.

While the overall community impact was glowing, individual business experiences varied. Notably, sectors such as accommodation, restaurants, and bars experienced significant benefits. Many businesses in these sectors reported increased patronage and advanced bookings, with some visitors extending their stays, which provided a substantial boost during the event period. The media and promotional exposure generated by the event also played a crucial role, with businesses gaining increased visibility through social media and extensive media coverage positioning the Taupo District favourably for future tourism.

Despite the positive impacts, the survey highlighted areas for improvement, which have been passed on to the organising groups to take into consideration for future years. These include working with the Australian Supercars scheduling to address the displacement of regular business due to the event's timing during school holidays, enhancing transportation services to and from the event, and implementing tactics that further engage the event attendees and locals with businesses from across a broader range of sectors. 

The Taupo Supercars 2024 has demonstrated its potential to be a landmark event on the calendar for local business growth and community engagement. Future events can further maximise the positive impacts on the local economy and community by addressing the areas for improvement and building on the successes. The feedback from the business survey provides valuable insights to guide future events, ensuring that the Taupo Supercars continue to be a celebrated and beneficial occasion for all.



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