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Tech to the rescue

Technology could hold the answers to some of the world’s biggest problems and help create

a better world. That’s the view of NZTech, the organisers of New Zealand’s annual

Techweek – a national series of events that showcase the best of New Zealand innovation.

Here in Taupō, Amplify (formerly Enterprise Great Lake Taupō) will once again be hosting a

range of innovative and engaging local speakers as part of Techweek 2021. “Often people

think that technology is just about computers and robots. But tech is so much broader than

that. It could be anything from using aerial mapping to improve farming practices, to helping

connect job-seekers to employers. It’s a really big area” says Rick Keehan, Senior Business

Advisor at Amplify.

Rick says it’s also a common misconception that technology-focused businesses are only

found in big cities. “There are actually some pretty incredible tech-based businesses in the

Taupō district. They are achieving international success and their based right here in the

Central Plateau – that’s pretty cool” he says.

This year’s Taupō Techweek includes an impressive line-up of speakers and topics.

Highlights include:

  • Digital deep dive - a practical look at how to improve website content, social media presence, and online customer interactions

  • AR (augmented reality) – using AR in marketing strategies

  • Software solutions – implementing software to get ahead

  • Digital filming – creating online videos for business

  • Sustainability in tech – greening your business using technology

Amplify are also hosting a morning event with some of Taupō’s leading change-makers,

including Sri Govindaraju of Zealandia Honey, Ed Stevenson of Sonda Pods, Bodhi Vette of

Driver Guide Hire, and Matt Browning of Salt and Tonic.

“The purpose of Techweek is to bring people together to connect and share the latest

thinking and innovation. It’s open for everyone – not just businesses. If you’re interested in

new ideas, working smarter, learning, and being inspired, then we’d love to see you” says



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