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Tourism & Hospitality 

Go with Tourism is a free support service with a range of resources to assist the New Zealand hospitality and tourism workforce. COVID-19 has undoubtedly placed significant strain on New Zealand's tourism industry. Go with Tourism can assist Tourism and Hospitality workers, provide support and guidance to businesses and offer information into educational pathways.


Go with Tourism has launched a new strategy dedicated to supporting New Zealand's tourism workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Supporting the Tourism Workforce strategy allows Go with Tourism to provide assistance to those in need of support and guidance at this time, for however long the tourism industry needs support.


You will be able to create a job profile, and jobseekers and employers are matched based on a candidates job profile and a filtering system which can allow a hiring manager to input their requirements for a role they have available.


Tourism New Zealand has a career portal where you can register your details, search for the right opportunity and register for job alerts.

Hospitality New Zealand holds a list of current vacancies and can also assist with future job opportunities if you register your interest to their hospitality NZ Talent Pool.


Hospitality NZ can also offer training seminars and workshops if you are looking to up-skill

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