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Brand Analysis

Your brand is so much more than your logo. Take some time and analyse your brand. It will help provide a framework for all of your marketing activity - and even better still, if you involve your team you will not only have their buy-in, but also their incredibly valuable external perspective.

If you’re feeling really brave, also involve a couple of clients. Oh, and it’s free. Just your time and a handy template. Then use this as the reference point for all your activity - check that what you’re about to do aligns to your brand before you proceed.

So much more than a logo!

Who are you?

How are you perceived?

How do you want to be perceived?

Are you ‘true to yourself’?

Does your team ‘get it’ and ‘reflect it’?

1. PURPOSE, VISION, MISSION: Do you have a current Purpose, Vision and Mission statement?

Purpose: The one thing you can say about your business beyond making money. Vision: The goal for the future. Mission: The strategy to achieve the vision.

2. UNDERSTANDING YOUR OBJECTIVES: What are you trying to achieve? Why? What challenges does your business face?

3. UNDERSTANDING YOUR YOURSELF: Why are you in business? What are you trying to achieve? What challenges are you facing?

4. WHO IS YOUR AUDIENCE? How do you know this?

5. WHAT DO YOU DO: What are your products or services? How clearly and quickly can you articulate them to your customer?

6. HOW DO YOU DO IT? What’s your process or system? What are the steps? Why is it special?

7. WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT? What’s the one thing that someone else can’t say?

8. WHY DOES IT MATTER? What’s the ultimate benefit you provide to your customers? Can you summarise it into one sentence? One word?

9. WHAT IS YOUR BRAND PERSONALITY? Defining a Brands Personality is a valuable tool. It helps drive the way we speak and the tone that we talk. It is very similar to defining a person’s personality. The following questions can be helpful to develop a Brands Personality. Don’t think to hard about these and write down what first comes to mind. Always try to think of the Brand as a person and then the answers to follow;

If your brand was a car, what car would it be and why?

If your brand was an animal, what animal would it be and why?

How would someone experience your Brand through the Five Senses (smell, see, hear, touch, taste)?


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