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Jane Rollin

Board Member

Jane is an experienced strategic organisational resilience expert with a focus on building strong relationships and connections. She has over 25 years' practical experience within local, regional, and central government entities (both in New Zealand and the UK); and small, medium, and larger businesses – predominantly joining seemingly unconnected workstreams to enable better outcomes, and anchoring deliverables to purpose.


Jane has experiences in risk management, governance, gap analysis and performance reviews helping build robust arrangements before, during and after an emergency / crisis.  She is currently the Chair of the Board of RiskNZ; and a Board member of the American Foulbrood Pest Management Agency (under the Biosecurity Act 1993).



In her spare time she is a hobby bee-keeper and novice orchardist, and is part way through planting a hazelnut orchard on the outskirts of Taupō.

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