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Innovation Funding

If your business can say ‘yes’ to just one of these characteristics, it’s worth talking to our team to find out how we can help with support or funding:

  • high-growth aspirations

  • export focus

  • innovative products and/or services

  • technology driven

We can help you apply for a range of R&D grants to add scale, depth and return to your R&D Investment. Whether you're a young start-up, an established R&D performer, or want to bring students on board to assist in your R&D activities.


When we know what you need, we can connect you with the right funding to help your R&D get ahead.


  • Funding for research and development

  • Co-fund up to 40% of total cost

  • Business must cover remaining 60% of total cost

 If you would like more information about funding please contact our business growth team here.

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