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Sort out your nerves and your body will heal itself

Keeping your spine and nervous system healthy is a great way to prevent injuries and allow

your body to function at its best. Kasey and Sindre Stoeten, owners of Lake Taupō

Chiropractic, acknowledge that the body is able to heal itself if the nervous system is

functioning well.

“Stress and tension can build up in the body and create ongoing health problems” says

Sindre. “Our approach to chiropractic care is to help work on the brain-body connection

through the spine, so your body can self-regulate and heal. It’s about being proactive and

helping your body to function at its best” he says.

Kasey and Sindre’s business is growing rapidly, in part due to their innovative approach to pricing. “When we started our business in Taupō just over a year ago, we wanted to give people a way to access our service regardless of their income. We decided to offer a yearly membership. This allows practice members and their children unlimited visits to our practice. It means clients get the care they need, not just the care they can afford” says Sindre.

The plans have been popular and include access to neurological scanning technology to measure health improvements. “The scans allow us to see how the person is progressing and holds us to account as practitioners. We also help our members to start thinking differently about their health, so they can start making positive changes in their daily lives” he says.

The waiting room at Lake Taupō Chiropractic has become a hub for families. “After school

there are usually lots of kids having fun and running around. We often have people popping

in to say hello, even if they don’t have an appointment. At our first birthday we had over

100 people along – it was awesome! It’s become a real community” says Sindre.

Kasey and Sindre are now looking into offering services in Turangi and have taken on two more chiropractors. “We’re finding that some of our Turangi families struggle to make the trip up to Taupō as often as they need to. It’s a long drive at the end of a work day, particularly if

you’re in a physical job like forestry. So we’re hoping we can start running a Turangi

practice” says Sindre, who has been working on the expansion plans with Taupō’s economic

growth agency Amplify.

Sindre says the support from Amplify has been great, which has included access to a

business mentor and some digital marketing services. His other tip for businesses looking to

grow is to understand their ‘why’. “Kasey and I are incredibly passionate about our work,

and give it heaps! It’s important to do something because you believe in it, not just for the

money. Also don’t worry if you haven’t got everything absolutely sorted when you first start

your business. It’s ok to make changes along the way and learn as you go” he says.


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