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New role connecting jobs and workers

Connecting training organisations, employers and skilled job seekers to help build a strong

local economy is the focus of Amplify’s Tanya Stieglbauer. Tanya has recently taken on a

newly created workforce support role at Taupō economic growth agency Amplify.

“The aim of the role is to help connect industry, government services and employees to

improve training and recruitment outcomes. It’s about working together to attract people

with the right skills, and encouraging them to stay by offering them the right workplace

environment” says Tanya.

Tanya is originally from Whakapapa Village and brings extensive experience to the role,

having worked locally for Ministry of Social Development for over 15 years before joining


“We know that many of our local businesses are starting to really struggle with staffing. It’s

across a number of sectors and includes larger operators like RAL down to smaller

hospitality and accommodation providers. I’m keen to connect at an industry level,

understand the key issues and help find ways to address them” says Tanya.

Currently there are many employers looking for staff in the Taupō district, but Tanya says

it’s about finding people with the right mindset. “A lot of our employers are really happy to

teach people the technical skills, but they want staff who are motivated and have a positive

attitude. It’s these softer skills that are so important. In turn it’s important for employers to

think about the type of workplace they are providing for staff, listen to their needs and give

them opportunities to develop. It needs to be a two-way thing” she says.

Rick Keehan, CE of Amplify, says Tanya’s role is a great addition to the services Amplify

provides. “We’ve been hearing from our business community that having access to skilled

people is absolutely critical.  Therefore our Business Growth Team is working with

employers on ways to recruit and train up a strong team. So often it’s about finding people

with the right attitude and potential, rather than just looking for someone with existing

skills. Our Data Team is supporting this work by collecting local insights on labour market

issues so we can work with the government on possible training pathways, work readiness

programs, and other wrap-around support” says Rick.

Tanya is often able to help employers identify funding support for training. “Warren

Johnson from Taupō ITM invited me to present at a Taupō builders networking event. It was

great to be able to chat with business owners and discuss details of the Government funding

available for trades apprenticeships. There was real interest in the scheme, and it was useful

to connect the dots and share the information with the right people. I’d love to connect

with other trades and sectors to see what support I can offer” she says.

For further information contact Tanya at


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