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Life with Lakefront Views

It’s difficult to miss the Motutere Bay TOP 10 Holiday Park. Located on State Highway One with capacity for around 1,300 people, it’s the only holiday park in the region with campsites right on Lake Taupō’s waterfront. New managers David and Sue Hodge have been working hard over the quieter winter months to prepare for their first summer in the area. “David and I moved to Motutere in March after managing a campground in Thames” says Sue. “It all happened pretty quickly. We applied for the job on Sunday, had our first interview on Tuesday, and we were offered the job on Thursday!”

Sue and David have also been trying out some of the local attractions, including white water rafting. “It’s good to know what’s available in the area for our visitors” says Sue. “We do most of our shopping in Turangi and everyone has been so supportive. The campground owners have also given us a lot of help to get started. Our annual Queens Birthday fishing competition went well and it was a great excuse to get out and meet the locals.”

Supported by assistant managers Sandra and Craig, the pair have been upgrading many of the park amenities and will soon be installing new bathroom blocks for the waterfront sites. “Motutere campground has recently become part of the Top 10 group, so we’re working on a few changes to make sure it meets their standards.”

Sue says one of the highlights of being a campground manager is meeting visitors from all over the world. “I’m a people person, so I love the social side to the job. We get to talk to some really interesting guests. It’s fascinating to hear about the places they have visited, and what they do for a career.”

The couple have enjoyed the flexibility of being almost half-way between Taupō or Turangi. Sue says she loves waking up every morning and looking out at the Lake. “It’s just beautiful here and the view is amazing. We’re working our way around all the local restaurants and cafes - so we can recommend them to our visitors of course!”



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