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Business Mentor a sounding board and fresh perspective

Starting or growing a business can be tough. There’s a lot to learn, and it’s often hard to

know where to find support. Working with a mentor can help navigate the challenges and

opportunities that occur during the first few years of business.

Taupō local Joan McBeath has mentored a number of business owners. “Over the years I’ve operated a few different businesses – life experience has taught me a lot. After I sold my last business I started to look around for ways I could give back. I soon realised that there were a lot of people starting new ventures in Taupō who needed support” she says.

Joan connected with Kylie Hawker-Green at Amplify, who suggested she should become a

mentor. The New Zealand Business Mentor programme matches small businesses owners

with experienced local businesspeople. The mentors donate their time, meeting regularly

with the business owner to work through ideas and help solve problems.

Joan has really enjoyed the mentoring process. “I’m also a qualified life coach, which helps

me understand the process of setting goals and working out how to achieve them. I love

working with people one-on-one, seeing them grow in confidence over time” she says.

For Joan, mentoring is not about having all the answers. “I see my role as a sounding board.

I often find that my clients already know what to do. They just need a bit of encouragement

to prioritise their ideas and put them into action.

“Doing well in business is often about getting the marketing right. You need to find out what

makes your product or service different, find ways to attract customers and bring them

through the door. It’s quite specific for each client, and it’s really important” she says.

Finding the balance between home and work is also something Joan focuses on. “For many

people, quality of life is directly affected by what’s happening in their business. If things are

going wrong at work, then life becomes pretty stressful. When you make time for your

health and family, you’ll start making better decisions in your business” she says.

Joan advises those who are struggling in their businesses to reach out for support. “It’s not a

failure or a weakness to ask for help. When you are emotionally involved in your own

business it can be hard to see a way through. It’s hugely beneficial to get a different

perspective from someone who can be more objective” she says.

For more information about the Business Mentoring programme, contact Amplify or


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