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Health and Safety


Event hosts have health & safety policies in place, and attendees will be advised of these at individual events.


Industrial sites

Visitors to industrial / working sites will be required to comply with health & safety regulations and visitor policies specific to these sites.  Pre-registration will be required for these events, and registered attendees will be notified of these requirements in advance.  

Generally, this will include a requirement to wear clothing that fully covers arms and legs, and closed shoes.  Specific personal protective equipment (PPE), such as visi-vests, hard hats, safety glasses and ear plugs, will be provided by the host as required.

Please note that all ticketed events during NZ Geothermal Week require pre-registration, including those held on industrial sites.

Contact Us

NZ Geothermal Week 2024 is proudly brought to you by co-hosts Amplify and the New Zealand Geothermal Association.  ​ If you are interested in getting involved with NZ Geothermal Week, including sponsorship, event ideas, hosting and speaking opportunities, or have a query about events, please contact Rick Keehan, CEO at Amplify or Kennie Tsui CEO at NZGA.

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