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Accelerator Program

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Once you know you're ready to grow there are a number of resources and programs we can help with:


One on One

Meet with one of our team to go through where you're at and where you want to get to. There are a number of programs available that could suit.


All Businesses are unique. Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.

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Get Inspired

Join one of our networking groups and get feedback on what others have experienced. They may have some great tips, resources or contacts that may just be the boost you need


Accelerator Program

Twice a year we run an Accelerator Program It's a six-month programme focused on tripling the business’ growth rate. Accelerate helps good businesses become great. We provide business owners with the skills and mindset to work on their business to achieve faster growth. Business owners participate in a unique blend of business training with professionally facilitated coaching focused on sales, leadership, brand, planning, finance and developing a growth mind-set. The programme is unique, as the new behaviours and skills learnt in the training are enforced and followed up with one-on-one business coaching sessions.

Accelerate is for owners of established, medium size businesses that are profitable and scalable with an ambition to grow regionally, nationally or even internationally. Suited for companies with a minimum annual turnover of $500k and 5+ staff. More than 30 business owners have graduated from our Accelerate programme. 92% of participants identified new growth opportunities, or had the motivation or knowledge to progress existing growth opportunities. Graduating businesses have launched new products and services, accelerated expansion plans into other towns and implemented new leadership initiatives with staff.


Participants receive:
  • 12 Mastery Modules providing training in brand, marketing, leadership, employment, etc presented by experienced, local professionals recognised as leaders in their field.

  • 4 Group Review sessions with a facilitated discussion encouraging participants to share their challenges, celebrate their successes, and support each other.

  • 3 Individual Coaching sessions to set goals, actions and plans for business success.

  • Growth Plan Presentation at the conclusion of the programme. A range of business and strategic plan templates are provided and it is expected participants will complete their plan in their own time (with assistance provided in the individual coaching sessions).


Mastery topics covered are:
  • Growth Mindset

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Employment

  • Brand

  • Leadership

  • Culture

  • Governance

  • Finance

  • Strategic Planning

If you are interested in this program register here

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