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The effect of change

After almost 30 years in the human resources sector it’s fair to say that Steve Punter knows

a lot about people. His Taupō-based business The People Effect covers everything from

recruitment and performance management, to training and mentoring. Steve has also

served on a number of Boards, keeps clients up-to-date with the latest regulation changes

and provides advice during employment disputes.

“Human resources are about so much more than administration and payroll” says Steve.

“Even if you just have one employee, it’s pretty important to know what your

responsibilities are. Many people don’t realise they need help until something goes wrong.”

Although Steve is now based in Taupō, he began his business in Auckland. “In Auckland I had a great base of friends and business contacts” says Steve. “But I began to realise that I was spending at least three hours in my car every day. I’d try to book client meetings outside of peak traffic and be flexible with my work hours, but the pace was still frantic.”

Steve has his skipper’s licence, and a love for boats. So it was a natural choice to make the

move to Taupō. “I used to run a few charter fishing trips in Auckland and really enjoyed it. I

found a lovely old charter boat when I arrived in Taupō. Kacopa was originally built as a tow

boat for the Tongariro Power Scheme. She needs a bit of work, but I’m looking forward to

getting her back out on the water.”

Many of The People Effect’s clients are based in Auckland, and Steve now offers them the

option of video conferencing. “Taupō has Fibre broadband, so our internet connection is

pretty fast. I still travel up to Auckland for meetings, but not nearly as often as I used to. I

even find my local clients are starting to use video conferencing as they find it really

convenient” says Steve.

The stable climate, lack of traffic and slower pace of Taupō life has given Steve more time to

do the things he loves. “My kids come to stay regularly now, and I find I can get almost

anywhere in 10 minutes. It’s just a much more enjoyable way to live.”


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