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Flying high

Ready to walk on water this summer? Brendon and Natasha of Play.N.Up Flyboard Taupō have got just the thing. As a new experience for Taupō, the couple are offering the watersport of flyboarding from their Two Mile Bay location. Flyboarding involves strapping in to a board that is connected by a long hose to a jetSki. Water is pumped from the jetSki though the hose to propel you above the water. The height above the water is controlled by the operator on the jetSki. “Flyboarding is pretty awesome. It only takes a few minutes to get the feel of things, and then you can start really enjoying the experience of cruising above the water. We reckon it’s the closest you can get to flying like superman” says Brendon. The couple first came across flyboarding when their son Deacon asked for some rocket boots. “Deacon had been watching a movie where the main character flew through the air on rocket boots. He asked his Dad to make him a pair” says Natasha. After a bit of searching on the internet, they came across flyboarding. “It’s actually really big in Europe and America. There are quite a few places offering flyboarding around the world. They even have an annual flyboarding world championship” says Brendon. The pair decided to order a flyboard to see what all the fuss was about. “We had so much fun trying them out on the lake. Even my Mum (60+) had a go, and loved it!” says Natasha, proving that age is not an obstacle. Support from Enterprise Great Lake Taupō has been a big part of the process for the business. “Rick from Enterprise Great Lake Taupō helped us through the permit application process, and connected us with some really valuable marketing support. We’ve been able to use local people for most things, including branding, engine servicing, and water gear” says Brendon. Brendon and Natasha are relatively new to Taupō, having moved from Wellsford in 2018. They had been frequent visitors to the area prior to the move, and really enjoyed the pace of life. “In Wellsford we were always in the car driving somewhere. Taking the kids to Saturday sports was a real mission. Here we can head to the hot pools after dinner or take a walk around the lake with the family. There are so many places to explore, no two days are the same. It’s been the best move for our family, our children are thriving with all the different opportunities available to them” says Natasha.



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