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Finding freedom and flexibility in Taupo

The fantastic Taupō lifestyle was part of the inspiration for Nic McCondach and Heather Sumpter when they started a business that focuses on freedom and flexibility.

Nic and Heather both moved to Taupō when their children were small to be closer to family and to embrace the lifestyle the region is famous for. Keen runners, they became friends on the trails and saw an opportunity to bring their skills together into a business that would provide both them and their clients the opportunity for a great work-life balance.

The Admin Angels was established to provide clients with affordable business support, flexibility and choice. The business allows Nic and Heather to follow their passion for supporting the success of their clients while also ensuring they have the freedom enjoy the most important (and fun!) things in their lives.

The Admin Angels’ team of four experienced senior accountants keep the administrative wheels turning for their clients while ensuring that everyone in the team can achieve the work-life balance that works for them.

“We each aim to work around 30 hours a week,” says Nic. “During the winter season, I like to make the most of days with perfect conditions and do a bit of snowboarding mid-week. Everyone in the team has families and a range of interests, so we support each other to ensure we all have time for those. Many of our clients moved to this region for the lifestyle as well, so they understand the desire to take time out to do the things you love.”

Just as important as their own work-life balance is being able to offer their clients flexibility says Heather, “Our company’s goal is to give our clients peace of mind and create freedom for them to use their time in the way they choose. We help them unlock freedom from bookkeeping and administration and work with them in whichever ways suit them best.”

The Admin Angels support businesses from across the North Island with cloud accounting and other virtual services, but for others, flexibility might mean working with them around the dining table outside of usual business hours.

Despite the focus on maintaining flexibility and balance, things can get busy and sometimes longer hours are unavoidable. However, Nic and Heather are committed to finding ways of working that meet their needs as well as their clients’. “We often hold our own business meetings while out for a run or a paddleboard,” says Nic.

Nic and Heather agree that building the team and finding the right resource fit has been great for their business, but it didn’t happen the way they originally expected. “Like so many small businesses, getting established and growing is a journey and some things may come down to trial and error,” says Heather.

“We are open about the lessons we have learnt along the way and share them with our clients. We always suggest new clients reach out to Amplify and make the most of what they can do to support local businesses.

“There is plenty on offer for businesses in Taupo, from Amplify’s programmes to great networks of local businesspeople willing to share their experiences and insights. It’s a region that punches above its weight for dynamic small businesses and we always encourage our clients to tap into everything that’s available.”


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