Rick Keehan

Senior Business Advisor

Rick is our Senior Business Adviser and supports all SME business enquiries in the Taupō area.

I love small business. Creating new businesses and making them successful. My passion to develop systems and processes, marketing and selling products have always been the basis for whatever we have started.

I have enjoyed buying and running a business with over 1.2m in turnover and 20 staff as well as owning multiple franchise businesses turning over 1m+. After this experience I have started a number of businesses from scratch. Creating a brand, developing a product, marketing and selling it and then in most occasions being approached to sell them on. From importing candy to creating coffee blends and starting a microbrewery I love the creativity needed in making a product that people love.


My latest venture with my wife and a partner is SMK - Southern Meat Kitchen. We have grown the business into more than 3 locations and 30 staff.


From this another start up feedbackloop.co.nz and processapp.co has been born. With some more development and refinement we will grow these. I'm enjoying learning to code, market and develop in this new business model.


In my spare time (not much) I spend it with my family, Louisa (Wife), Harrison and Freya (Twins), Mac (Dalmatian) and Jetta (Black Cat). We love to travel, swim, mountain bike, and plan the next adventure.