Whats your Perfect Day?

If you’re thinking about moving to Taupo and relocating your business as well, and you haven’t recently assessed where your business is at and where you want it and yourself to be, both within your work and in your personal life, then re-looking and possibly rethinking your business plan is a good start.

There are plenty of useful websites that can give you guidance on a business plan such as but many tend to jump headlong into the plan without getting you to actually take a step back and look at the wider picture of your life (and lifestyle) as part of that plan.

Staff from Enterprise Great Lake Taupo held a planning session in February 2018 to help local business owners think about where they currently stood and what their business goals were for the coming year. But before jumping headlong into the business planning, the very first part of the session asked attendees to dream about how they wanted their perfect work day to go.

So what’s your perfect day?

 How does it start?

 What happens?

 How does it end?

 How do you feel?

This may seem an odd question initially, but by picturing in detail how your perfect day at work would go (don’t forget before and after work, too), you can identify what’s working and what’s missing in your business (and life) and what you need to do to achieve your perfect day.

It’s highly unlikely that anyone’s perfect day starts and ends with a frustrating journey to work in gridlocked traffic. If you’re picturing taking a simple, short drive or even walking or cycling to work, these are just some of the realistic possibilities when you live in Taupo. (Others include being at the beach, on your bike or out on your boat very shortly after work – while you’d still be stuck in traffic if you lived in Auckland.)

These aren’t just day dreams, there are already people living the lifestyle they want in Taupo who first pictured themselves doing it and then made it happen by planning, preparing and going for it.

Quality of life

After envisioning how they wanted to spend their days both in and out of work, the couple below realised Auckland life and just wasn’t working for them, so steps were taken to make their company more digital to enable a move to Taupo and their dream lifestyle.

Stamps Plus owner/operator Barry Loggenberg and his wife Kristin made the move to Taupo in July 2017 after he and his wife began discussing how they wanted to live and pictured their own perfect days. Barry says they asked themselves “Why do we live? You want quality of life; that’s what we pushed on for.”

After realising Auckland really wasn’t making either of them happy, in 2016 Barry began thinking about how he could move his business to Taupo, where the couple regularly visited to get away from what Barry describes as the “toil” of Auckland.

“We dreamt of this idea of getting a better, totally different lifestyle,” says Barry.

So he began making changes to how the company operated and gradually reset how it worked, making it more digital and online, in preparation for an eventual move with minimal staff.

In tandem with these operational changes, the couple continued to visit Taupo and occasionally brought staff down, too, to see if any of them would be keen to move with the company. When a key staff member named Gordon indicated he would also be keen to move (as he and his wife wanted to eventually buy their own home, but it was too out of reach for them in Auckland) Barry ramped up the plans to relocate. While carrying out online research about Taupo he found out about the work of Enterprise Great Lake Taupo and got in touch. With EGLT providing key contacts he was able to find suitable premises, make valuable business contacts and get set up and started with just himself and Gordon initially.

Barry says the staff at EGLT provided “a strong network as to who to approach for real estate, business advice and electricity”. They also gave him a business pack with lots of useful coupons and discounts with local companies that he made use of and he continues to attend their seminars where possible. “They made us feel like we were wanted,” he says.

“We are just over the moon being here. Whether its just our attitude, whoever we meet be they retail, (or) café, everyone is so nice. The pace of life is slower… We go for walks, cycles, to cafes and coffee bars, and we’ve been up and down to Turangi several times.”

Once the company is more settled from the move, Barry says he plans to expand production and employ some locals and let others know that moving is worth it.

“We want to tell other people in Auckland that there’s life outside of Auckland.”


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