Updated: Jun 8, 2020

As well as our up-coming webinar list here, we have created a library of the many and various webinars held in recent weeks relating to COVID-19 business impacts, action and advice.


Business Update - Michael Barnett & Bernard Hickey discuss what Level Two looks like for businesses

Retail and Operating at Level Two


Cashflow in a Crisis Part 1 - Back to Basics webinar resources

Cashflow in a Crisis Part 2 - Week One down, What Next? webinar resources

Dealing with your Bank

The Fundamentals of a cash forecast with Jason Topp

Ideas to Grow Revenue

Changes to Tax, Insolvency and Govt Loans

How to leverage Government Small Business Loan Schemes


Business Continuity Part 1

Business Continuity Part 2

Top 10 Actions for Business Owners

Navigating the here and now to get to the new future with Karna Luke

The power of ideas (standing out in a crowd) with Kevin D'Ambros-Smith

Digital Enablement Series - Taking your Business Online

Firestation Fundamentals - Get Biz Ready for Alert Levels 3 & 2

MediaWorks Crisis Management Presentation with Dallas Gurney

How To Pivot Your Business; A Design Thinking Guide

How To Pivot Your Business; A Design Thinking Guide Pt.2

Business as Unusual’: What The Near Future Of Business Might Look Like

Setting Up For eCommerce Trading - Legal Considerations


Building Stronger Leadership And Teams In These Times with Bill Bain, Business Coach at The Icehouse

Adapting Your Business To Remote Working, The Opportunity To Thrive

Leadership and Planning In A Crisis

Being a Leader worth following


Infometrics Economy Reviews

Infometrics provide insights into how the pandemic, and related responses to the pandemic, will change both regional economies and the national outlook. 

Te Waka and Infometrics COVID-19 Webinar

In this Webinar, Infometrics Senior Economist will detail the anticipated economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and response on the Waikato region.

Mediaworks Economic Update with Tony Alexander


Export Recovery Panel Webinars - Six part series


Organisational Resilience


Human Resources and Workplace Advice Webinar 1 of 4

Human Resources and Workplace Advice Webinar 2 of 4

Human Resources and Workplace Advice Webinar 3 of 4

Firestation Fundamentals Series: Employment Advice with EMA

Answering Your Employees 21 Questions


Changing Consumer Behaviour In A Post Covid World


COVID-19 Webinar: Where to from here? What does moving into Alert Level 3 mean for the Tourism industry?

Website Fitness Programme For Your Business During Covid-19

Supporting the Tourism Sector

Surviving and Thriving Post COVID-19 with Paul Milligan, Black Cat Cruises

DGLT Industry Update - 8 May 2020

Tourism - Attracting the Domestic Market

Discussing Tourism - Accessing Government Support

Budget 2020 - Discussing the Governments Budget from a Tourism perspective


Cancelled or Postponed Event......... What Now?

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