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Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Survive Plan Prosper

Enterprise Great Lake Taupo and The alternative board have partnered to bring you a program focused on survive, plan and prosper.

We have access to some funding for qualifying businesses to have this full subsidised


Our Business Continuity Planning program will enable business owners and managers to navigate the uncertain times currently being faced in New Zealand and around the world and is designed to position businesses to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis with a readiness for the subsequent recovery. The program is delivered virtually by video link (using zoom or similar) in 3 phases: Survive, Plan and Prosper. Each of these phases comprises one-on-one virtual training sessions with the business owner or manager, as follows:

Phase 1 - Survive (Two 2 hour sessions) These sessions will be designed to analyse the current financial situation of the business and from there to create an Emergency Plan. The Plan will consider a variety of possible revenue outcomes (most likely, best and worst) and create a series of actions to enact as reality and revenue outcomes become more apparent. The Emergency Plan will prioritise cash preservation and business survival.

Phase 2 – Plan (Three 2 hour sessions) Phase 2 of our Business Continuity Planning program will provide a platform for the future. Using our on-line proprietary Business Builders’ Blueprint (BBB), the business owner or manager will be enabled to create:  long term personal and company vision statements;  a business SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats);  a values and culture statement that will guide employees and assist in recruitment;  a clear and unique value proposition that identifies points of difference and enables development of a brand offer;  a chart that identifies accountabilities for each key employee;  a strategic plan for the business that identifies critical success factors, goals, strategies and actions; and  a high-level monthly reporting format including key performance indicators (kpi’s) This phase of the program will pay particular attention to addressing the specific requirements and resources around the three key stakeholder groups of: employees, suppliers and customers. Ensuring that these stakeholder needs are understood and addressed will improve the readiness of the business to react in a timely manner when the recovery from the crisis begins.

Phase 3 – Prosper (Two 1 hour sessions) Phase 3 of our program will provide two 1 hour video sessions with the business owner or manager. These sessions are to enable execution of the plan with associated accountability and will accommodate adjustments to be made as the new reality of the post-Covid-19 world becomes more apparent. At the conclusion of the program, the participating business owner or manager will have developed the skills to react to and navigate their business through unforeseen and potentially catastrophic events, to develop the skills to revise and redirect their activities according to changing circumstances and to position their business to recover quickly from the impact of that event.

The cost of this is $1,980 + gst and we may be able to 100% fund this program for qualifying businesses

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