One of the world’s first carbon neutral indoor medical cannabis operators set to build in Taupo

SETEK is a leading New Zealand medicinal cannabis company which aims to

cultivate, extract, process and sell pharmaceutical grade, 100 percent NZ certified

organic medicinal cannabis extracts and medicines throughout the Asia Pacific region

and beyond. It holds a license to cultivate a prohibited plant for research purposes,

including the cultivation of high THC cultivars. The company recently purchased a 26-

hectare greenfield site overlooking Lake Taupo to house its new facility, which is

targeted to enter production in 2020 with an initial annual scaled production capacity

of circa 17,000kg of dried flower for processing. SETEK recently acquired a cannabis

genetics company and a horticultural LED lighting company, and seeks to become

one of the world’s first carbon neutral indoor cannabis operators.


AFT Pharmaceuticals (NZX.AFT, ASX.AFP) and New Zealand medicinal cannabis company SETEK announced they have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to work together in the research, development and commercialisation of medicinal cannabis products.

The MoU seeks to combine, and take advantage of, AFT’s expertise in pharmaceutical development, commercialisation and distribution and SETEK’s expertise in cannabis cultivation and the extraction and processing of pharmaceutical grade cannabis compounds.

Earlier this year SETEK became the fourth New Zealand company to receive a license from the Ministry of Health to cultivate cannabis for scientific and medical research. It is developing a 100% organic cannabis propagation, cultivation, processing and manufacturing facility at Rotokawa, near Taupo.

AFT Pharmaceuticals Chief Executive Dr Hartley Atkinson said: “Medicinal cannabis represents a sunrise industry in New Zealand and is an obvious addition to our broad portfolio of prescription and over the counter medicines.

“SETEK is on track to become a leading New Zealand producer of medical cannabis and cannabis extracts. It has recently acquired a cannabis genetics company and is working towards the construction of a new, state-of-the-art medical cannabis facility that is due to commence production next year.

“These assets coupled with AFT’s expertise in the commercialisation and distribution of pharmaceuticals have the potential to create a winning combination in New Zealand’s emerging medicinal cannabis sector.”

SETEK Chief Executive Mark Mees said: “We are delighted to have reached this cooperation agreement with AFT. Hartley and his team are recognised internationally for their capabilities in taking medicines through clinical trials, regulatory approvals and then successfully distributing and selling these products in New Zealand, Australia and further afield.

“This agreement envisages SETEK and AFT each playing to their strengths. We are looking forward immensely to working with AFT to bring our shared vision to life.”

The MoU envisages the two companies jointly:

• developing business models for the development, manufacture, formulation

and obtaining regulatory approval (if applicable) for selling, marketing and

distribution of products;

• endeavouring to discover new medicinal cannabis opportunities;

• sharing expertise, experience and know-how; and

• cooperating in other areas of common interest.

It also envisages SETEK managing the propagation, cultivation, extraction, processing

and manufacture of any medicinal cannabis products emerging from the collaboration.

It will also be the exclusive supplier of these products to AFT.

AFT will meanwhile conduct any clinical trials and manage regulatory approvals of any

product and will be granted exclusive right to sales, marketing and distribution of the

medicinal cannabis products in Australia and New Zealand. It will also be granted the

right of first refusal to do the same in other territories around the world.

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