Megan Tapara hasn’t looked back

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Megan Tapara hasn’t looked back since making the move to Taupō this year.

“When I lived in the city I was always in such a rush”

“I felt like there was never time to stop and breathe. I’d go out shopping in the evening to avoid the queues and I was still struggling to get a carpark at 9pm.”

The fast pace of city life was becoming harder to manage. Megan realised how much she missed the green spaces and community feel of her previous home localities. She decided to get in touch with Rafting New Zealand, where she had worked a few years ago. Within a week Megan had received a job offer. Just like that the decision was made. “I was nervous about taking the leap into the unknown. I was worried about finding a new school for my two boys, and about leaving behind friends and family. But I knew it was the right thing to do. I wanted to give my sons the opportunity to slow down and experience the outdoor lifestyle I loved as a child.”

Now Megan spends her evenings and weekends on biking and walking adventures with her family. Her sons have quickly settled in at the local school and their rental home is perfect for their needs. “When we lived in the city it was becoming a struggle to make ends meet. Rent was high, so I worked long hours to cover costs which was time better spent with my boys. It was pretty stressful. Now we can make a life that we all love. We have time for family and for fun, it’s a perfect balance.”


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