Level 2 Information

There have been extensive updates announced for how businesses can operate at Level 2.

Please continue reading for the summary information directly from Central Government, or click here to view the summary table that explains the different levels in detail.

Moving to Alert Level 2

We’ve united against Covid-19 and by continuing to work together we can earn the opportunity to move to Alert Level 2. When we move to Alert Level 2 we can leave our bubbles and reconnect with friends and family. We’ll move to Alert Level 2 when we’re confident there is no community transmission and that the disease is contained. When we do, we’ll have measures in place to track and stop any new transmission and stamp out any outbreaks. Cabinet is reviewing whether we are ready to move to Alert Level 2 on Monday 11 May. Until then, we remain at Alert Level 3. Play it safe

You will have more freedom of movement at Alert Level 2, but it’s up to each one of us to keep the rest of New Zealand safe. These are the most important things that you can do:

  • COVID-19 is still out there. Play it safe.

  • Keep your distance from other people in public.

  • If you’re sick, stay home. Don’t go to work or school. Don’t socialise.

  • If you have symptoms of cold or flu call your doctor or Healthline and get tested.

  • Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands.

  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow, regularly disinfect surfaces.

  • If you have been told to self-isolate you must do so immediately.

  • Keep a track of where you’ve been and who you’ve seen.

Life at Alert Level 2

Life at Alert Level 2 means we can resume many of our everyday activities — but we have to do so safely. All businesses can open if they can do it safely. This will help to get people back to work.

  • We can go in-store at local businesses.

  • Tertiary education facilities, schools and early learning centres will be open.

  • We can travel between regions.

  • We can safely connect and socialise with close friends and family.

  • We can visit local restaurants, cafes and bars.

  • We can return to our regular recreation activities.

  • We can celebrate life’s important moments with our loved ones such as weddings, funerals, birthdays and anniversaries.

  • Small religious gatherings and ceremonies can be held with public health measures in place.

Controls at Alert Level 2

Alert Level 2 is not life as normal, some restrictions and other measures remain in place to reduce the risk of transmission.

  • We need to maintain physical distancing.

  • We will keep tight controls in place at our borders.

  • Our wide-scale testing will continue.

  • We will find and self-isolate anyone who is unwell and their close contacts.

  • There will be measures in place to allow some safe travel and socialising.

  • Only small, controlled gatherings will be permitted.

  • Early childhood centres, schools and tertiary organisations will see most people returning — with controls in place.

  • Physical distancing, hygiene standards and contact registers will make businesses safe.

Personal movement

At Alert Level 2, you can leave home to do more things, but you should follow public health measures and consider others around you. Follow these physical distancing rules:

  • Keep your distance in public from people you do not know (ideally 2 metres).

  • 1 metre physical distancing in most other environments, unless there are mitigating measures. Examples of environments where you should maintain 1-metre distancing include cafes, church groups, gatherings, restaurants and retail stores.

  • Take extra care if you interact with people you don’t know as it won’t be easy to do contact tracing if necessary. These situations include playgrounds, parks, shopping malls or walking along the street.

  • There will be a few instances at Alert Level 2 where it won’t be practical to maintain physical distancing, so there will be other measures to manage public health risks. Examples include hairdressing, physiotherapists, home help, and public transport.

Click here to view more detailed information on the Level 2 Framework.

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