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Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Enterprise Great Lake Taupo and Firestation have partnered to bring you a program focused on Continuity Planning

We have access to some funding for qualifying businesses to have this full subsidised

Business Continuity Planning

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This service is to support business owners and their senior leadership team to develop a plan to survive the impacts of Covid19 with one-on-one coaching delivered by phone or video conferencing using ZOOM. The first step is to understand the current operating environment for each business and determine the most appropriate support including the following training and coaching: Business Continuity Planning (BCP) • The basics of continuity planning • Risk assessment and analysis • Contingency triggers & planning • BCP Implementation Finance and Cash flow Management • Understanding your cash position (liquidity) • Developing a 90+ day cashflow forecasts • Negotiating finance options with your bank Health & Wellness • Staying healthy • Growth mindset • Igniting Motivation • Developing resilience Growing Revenue • How to pivot or change the direction of your business to generate new revenue • Using innovation to create new products or services • Launching a new offering to market • Taking your business online Marketing • Creating a one page marketing plan • Online marketing basics • Social media training During the coaching, we will review the client's current position and create a plan to plan for the financial viability of the business. The service will be delivered by video conferencing using Zoom or where that is not possible over the phone. Outcomes Business owners and managers can expect to have a plan to triage their business, business continuity plans and implementation steps, cashflow management strategies and forecasts as well as emotional support to see them through. Use of ZOOM. We will have the ability to record the sessions and provide a link so business owners can replay the session. In these overwhelming times it will be handy to be able to do this so business owners have time to review the information received and the coaching provided. Time Commitment: 90mins per session. It is expected that most businesses would need 4 sessions for maximum benefit, but some businesses may need additional sessions.

The cost of this is $$199+GST per hour and we may be able to 100% fund this program for qualifying businesses (Each session will be for 90 minutes)

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