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Forestry involves much more than growing and harvesting plantation forests. People of all ages and abilities will find great careers in forestry – planting and managing native and exotic forests, looking after the forest environment, managing people and resources, working with state-of-the-art technology, and operating multi-million dollar machines and equipment.

Check out for information about Getting Started, Lifestyle & Salary, Careers and Training. is also a great source of information on careers in Forestry and Logging. is currently advertising Forestry Planter positions based in Taupo for immediate start

Pay Trainee forestry and logging workers usually earn $40K-$65K per year Qualified forestry and logging workers usually earn $65K-$75K per year Source: NZ Institute of Forestry (NZIF), 'Salary Survey', 2017.

Job Opportunities Chances of getting a job as a forestry and logging worker are good due to strong demand.

Length of training >1 year of training usually required.

What you will do: Forestry and logging workers may do some or all of the following:

  • prepare and maintain the ground surrounding trees

  • plant, prune and thin trees

  • monitor and measure the growth of trees

  • gather aerial data about a tree crop 

  • select and cut down trees

  • use harvesting machinery to drag logs from the bush and remove branches from logs

  • operate loaders to move logs into stacks or to load trucks

  • assess log quality, and cut to size

  • measure and grade logs

  • maintain and repair chainsaws and equipment.

Skills and knowledge: Forestry and logging workers need to have:

  • knowledge of tree and timber types

  • knowledge of tree pruning, felling, cutting and trimming methods

  • knowledge of health and safety requirements in the forest, including first aid skills

  • skill in operating machines and using technology such as drones

  • chainsaw operation skills

  • mechanical skills

  • heavy vehicle handling skills

  • firefighting skills.

Working conditions: Forestry and logging workers:

  • usually work from 6am to 4pm week days, and may work on Saturdays

  • work in forests, bush and scrubland in rural or isolated areas, and may have to travel up to an hour to their workplaces

  • work in all weather conditions, and their working environment may be hazardous and noisy.


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