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Foodie on a mission: Meet 18-year-old Taupō entrepreneur Olivia Moore

Taupō-based Olivia Moore is a young businesswoman on a mission. At the age of 15 she

launched ‘Top That!’ vegan meal toppers. With the support of the Young Enterprise Scheme

and a Kickstarter funding campaign she created a brand, designed packaging, and began

selling her products through retailers and at local markets.

Now 18-year-old Olivia has set her sights on growing her food photography and recipe

development business. “I’ve always been passionate about food and enjoy creating healthy

recipes that are also really delicious. I like to make food that everyone can eat, so I focus on

vegan and gluten free recipes without refined sugars. I love being in the kitchen and

experimenting on new ideas” says Olivia.

Her food photography business continues to grow, supported by Olivia’s strong Instagram

following. “At first, I used Instagram to share ideas and recipes, and to connect with other

foodies. Over time I built up a bit of a following. I started to get messages from businesses

looking to promote their products on social media. Then I realised I could commercialise my

Instagram page” she says.

ThatGreenOlive, Olivia’s Instagram account, now has over 12,000 followers. Olivia has

worked with a number of high-profile brands including Panasonic, Tasti, Ceres Organics, and

Collective yoghurt. She is also getting approached by Australian brands looking to increase

sales in New Zealand, and has created a number of limited edition slices available for

purchase at Taupō’s Cozy Corner café. “I completed a course in food photography, which

has helped me create really quality images. I’m always looking at new ways to compose the

photo and add a point of difference” says Olivia, whose recipes and photography has

featured on food packaging, recipe cards and on television advertising.

By her own admission, Olivia is a perfectionist. “I put a lot of expectations on myself, and it’s

hard not to compare myself to others. It’s taken me a while to realise I just have to do my

own thing, and not worry about what everyone else is doing. I’ve also learnt that people are

all different. They won’t all like my products, and that’s ok” she says.

Photo shoots for restaurants and cafes are a new business focus for Olivia, who visited

Auckland recently to work with wholefoods and health-focused eateries. “People see that

I’m passionate about good healthy food, and that I know how to use social media effectively

– that really helps when I’m connecting with new customers” she says.

Olivia’s top tip for starting a business is to choose something you’re passionate about.

“There are challenges in business, and it can be really hard. If I didn’t love what I do I would

have given up long ago! Also, your passion shows through in your work, and that makes a

real difference” she says.


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