Spring Sheep Milk Co.

Sheep Dairy Shepherd

About the business

Spring Sheep Milk Co. is in the business of advanced nutrition; we make incredibly delicious and highly nutritious New Zealand-made products from our flock of happy, grass-fed sheep.

We're creating a market driven, end-to-end value chain for sheep milk to rapidly expand into a significant new primary industry for New Zealand. Our aims include creating demand, building brands & creating leading edge farming systems.

Across the business we milk 4000 sheep at three different farms. Our team are leading the way in this new Industry with advanced feeding systems, new sheep breeds and the very best technology systems.

About the role

As our exciting business continues to grow, we need a superstar with excellent animal husbandry skills and a keen eye for detail to help milk our ewes inside our new high-tech milking parlour in Taupo.

As well as daily milking activities, you will be involved in the recording, feeding and lambing areas of the business. You'll be an instrumental part of a team that takes great care of the girls (ewes), so that we can bring the value of nutritious high-end New Zealand sheep milk products to the world. An appreciation for milk quality and demonstrated dairy parlour experience is essential to your success in this role.

You will receive quality training from industry experts and have the chance to see where milk goes beyond the farm and have the opportunity to engage with a wide range of farm service providers. The role also comes with a competitive salary package.

Benefits and perks

The opportunity to have a fun, challenging and fulfilling career while we work at building the world's most valuable sheep milk brand.

You'll be part of an outstanding team and receive top quality training from experts in the industry, along with a competitive salary package.

Skills and experience

The ideal candidate will have:

2-3 years' experience in the dairy industry in particular with milking and running dairy sheds
Strong knowledge and understanding of dairy hygiene and animal record keeping
Experience in high input dairy
Experience with pasture management and feed budgeting
A first class attitude to health and safety and animal welfare
A passion for the use of technology
A proven track record of working well in a team environment

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