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Canine Attendant

Seeking exceptional individual to add to our growing team! Job openings for casual and part-time staff Monday to Friday, between 7.30am and 5.30pm.

At Big Brown Paws Day-care and Spa we “enrich the lives of canine and owner”. Our primary purpose is to provide an enriching experience delivered by competent staff to owners and their dogs. We do this in an environment which is caring, compliant, safe, stimulating, educational, and flexible. At BBP, we are focused on providing affordable services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and we do everything we can to meet our client’s expectations. A key component of our success is our personalised approach and being positive role modules for animal welfare, positive training, environmental sustainability and our community.

Job responsibilities include (but not limited) and some training is provided:
# Monitoring large group of dogs in an open play yard environment.
# Walking groups of dogs at a time in various weather conditions.
# Cleaning all play areas inside and out.
# Enriching the dogs in your group.
# Driving the dog bus to collect or drop off dogs or transport them to walking areas.
# Customer service, answering phones, social media or emails.
# Basic dog grooming (bathing and nails).

If this sounds like you! then apply with a cover letter
# explaining to me why you should be hired?
#What can you bring to BBPAWS?
#What ideas you have for the future of this company?

Only Emails will be accepted

Job Qualifications:
# Able to work Mon to Fri, between 7.30am and 5.30pm.
# Passion for the care and welfare of dogs
# Able to interact in a positive way with all sizes & breeds of dog ( If you are afraid of any breed or large groups of dogs this is not the place for you)
# Pack management - Maintain control of large groups dogs, ensuring that all are behaving appropriately to ensure a safe environment.
#Ready to take on heavy cleaning on a daily basis, including prolonged standing, walking, bending and stretching.
# Have excellent communication skills and team player.
# Full drivers license and dependable transport.
# Be physically capable to work indoors and outdoors, in heat or cold.
# Be creative in regards to play, social media, ideas.
# Mature, upbeat, enthusiastic and have a positive attitude.
# Motivated and enjoy a fast paced, physically demanding position.

The following are preferred but not required:
# Previous kennel or dog daycare experience.
# knowledge of dog health, body language, training and behaviour.
# Dog grooming experience.
# Zoo, Farm, Animal care, rescue centres (SPCA) or vet work experience.
# Customer service and social media experience.

BBPS is unique being the first Doggy Day-care within the Taupo Township and surrounding areas with an established reputation and a loyal client base. In addition BBPS is the only Doggie Day-care offering a full range of services within Taupo Township, at highly competitive prices. We have developed an Industry Taupo based ‘brand’ associated with our comprehensive services and identify BBPS as unique operators in Taupo.

We offer friendly and efficient service developing firm relationships with our clients to deliver the best possible service. Our brand represents unity and strength working together as a team.

For Our Community: Through educating them to understand their dog better and a place for all dog owners to take their dogs for socialisation, mental and physical stimulation. Advocating for animal welfare, positive training and supporting local rescue groups. BBPS is a company that is committed to supporting and networking with the local and wider Taupo community and Industries. We are orientated towards organisations and industries that support animal and community welfare, are environmentally aware, involved in animal related work experience and who reciprocate in supporting our business.

Our style of leadership is team focused. As a team we use open clear and positive communication, we work to ensure each person’s opinions and ideas are treated with trust and respect. The team trust encourages each other to care for, monitor and work in a safe manner for each other and the dogs.

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