Stamps Plus

Design Junior, “Stamp Maker”

Who are we ?

Stamps Plus is a marking and branding market leader. We are the best at what we do, our goal is always to make our customer happy. We manufacture so many things but our core business is stamps, name badges, and embossing. We are always looking to expand our core products and welcome creativity from our staff and our customers.

We produce a large number of our items with a laser engraver / cutter so the sky is the limit when it comes to what we can do.
Check us out online, our Facebook has many images of the cool stuff we make.

The Role:

We need a junior who wants to learn, is creative & likes to work with their hands. As the role progresses & you find your feet you’ll be given other projects to work on & really show your talents. The longer you are with us the more opportunities you’ll be given and the more you can take ownership & take on more responsibilities.

You will answer to a senior designer who has worked in multiple industries & has a wide and varied range of skills to share.

The Candidate will require the following:

Fine motor skills:

We manufacture a number of items but your core job will be assembling stamps & name badges & broaden as time goes on. When not at the computer designing, you will be cutting, sticking, sorting, this is a hands on role.

Creative Passion:

We strive for greatness in everything we do. We want the customer to have the best possible outcome for their order, and with your help we want to expand what we have to offer. As you grow into the role you will be given more and more freedom to work on projects outside the core requirements of the job.

Typesetting, spelling & transposition skills:

90% of your work when you start will be to layout out text in little boxes, copying text from emails and print outs and putting them into the relevant product.

Able to drive a screwdriver:

You will learn how to operate our machinery ( it’s really not that hard ! ), then how to maintain it & keep it at peak efficiency.

Willingness to get dirty:

Stamps mean ink, you’re going to get it on your hands. It washes off, but you’ll be wearing it for a few hours 😝

PC Driven Design Knowledge:

We use Adobe CC and CorelDraw, while its not required for you to know CorelDraw when you start, you need to understand the fundamentals of Illustrator, as these will transfer to picking up CorelDraw.

Office Skills:

You will be expected to be able to manage general office tasks and have a basic understanding of Microsoft Office.

Interpersonal Skills:

From time to time everyone else is going to be busy and you need to be able to answer the phone or greet walk in customers. We don’t expect you to know everything from the start but at least start the conversation and get the basic information from them.

Ability to learn, adapt skills to new challenges:

This is not your standard design role, everything we do ends up being something physical you can hold. A lot of time will be spent teaching you the ropes, and we expect you to get the hang on the basics pretty fast, and always ask if you are unsure. Your safety around our equipment is our priority, but you need to get to grips with the safety rules pretty fast ( Laser beams ! ).

Work Hours

We believe in a quality of life for every one of our staff, very rarely would you be expected to work extra hours, and this would be arranged well before it is required.

You would be expected to be ready to start work at our official open hours.

Our doors open at 8:30am – Close at 5pm ( 15min morning break, 30min lunch, 15 min afternoon ), Mon-Fri

Standard sickness and leave conditions apply, leave must be requested through appropriate channel, with plenty of notice.

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